For moms, dads & families

To all the moms and dads out there who suffer from depression or anxiety, you are not alone! Some of our mom’s shared their stories in the above documentary and in our Mothers’ Stories section. 


For mothers 

Information for future mothers
Giving birth to a baby can be a wonderful experience. However, during pregnancy, your body and emotions will change. The following information could help you understand these changes better and help you be better prepared for motherhood.

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Teenage pregnancy
Teenage pregnancy
Having a baby is a major life event, whether you are 30 or 16, and whether it was planned or not. This booklet tries to answer some of the questions you have regarding pregnancy, labour, becoming a mother, and raising a child. 

A caesarean-section, or C-section, is a cut in a woman’s lower belly and uterus to deliver the baby. Why do some women need a C-section and what happens to my baby after the C-section?
This and more questions will be answered in this leaflet

For fathers

Information for future fathers
Postnatatal depression can affect dads too. Find out about common concerns for new dads and discover helpful tips on how they can become more involved. This   information   could   help  you  be  better prepared  for  what  is  happening.
dads mental health

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resource directory for moms, dads and families


Seeking help
Find out where to get help if you or your partner suffering from perinatal depression or anxiety in our Resource Directory for South Africa.

For family and friends

Birth Companion
birth companionSupporting mothers during birth for partners, fathers, mothers, friends.
If you have been asked to accompany a mother during her birth, this Birth Companion leaflet is for you!


Maternity booklet for mothers and carers
Information for moms, dads and carersThis booklet is full of  information, suggestions and support for mothers and their carers.

We have developed it together with the Department of Health and you might have seen it at your clinic already, but you can download it here as well.