Our vision, mission & values

Our vision & mission

Vision: Mental wellness for pregnant and postnatal women and their children, in low-and middle-income settings

Mission: To support the integration of quality maternal mental health care into maternal and child platforms to optimise access to health, development and to social justice


  • to advocate for action using multimedia and multistakeholder engagement approaches
  • to strengthen health and social development systems through supporting and demonstrating models of care; building the capacity of service providers and developing resources, policies and guidelines
  • to generate, synthesise, translate and disseminate knowledge for integration into policy and practice at scale

Our value statement

Integrity – we act with integrity, accountability and honesty in our decision-making and engagement with colleagues, partners and clients.

Responsiveness – we learn, improve, adapt, evolve, innovate in our work, ourselves and our professional relationships.

Collaboration – we value our partners, interdisciplinary collaboration, and seek new opportunities to increase the scope, reach and quality of our work.

Community – we respect the concept of equity, and the diversity, dignity and worth of our team and the broader community. We respect and acknowledge the uniqueness of marginalized and disadvantaged communities.

Excellence – we strive for high quality with maximum reach; drawing on existing evidence and developing new evidence to inform our work.

Sustainability – we strive for sustainable financial and human resources within our organisation. We create resources and generate knowledge to ensure lasting and broad impact.