Case Management

Case management is the coordination of community services and formal services for mental health clients. A large proportion of our counsellor’s time is dedicated to coordinating a range of services for clients, as needed. She assesses, refers and follows-up on clients’ care plans, which can include

  • referral to a place of safety or shelter
  • referral to a psychiatrist or accessing antidepressants
  • accessing protection or maintenance orders
  • connecting clients to social support services
  • referral to NGO’s who provide specialist services.

The counsellor also liaises with midwives and maternity nurses to

  • monitor high-risk clients
  • update staff on the clients who need additional support
  • provide support on labour wards for high-risk women, and
  • provide staff support and debriefing for midwives/maternity nurses and complementary service staff (e.g. peer supporters, health promoters, social workers).

PMHP keeps up-to-date directories to be able to refer women to support services in their home communities.

Download the PMHP Resource Directory