The Perinatal Mental Health Project (PMHP) addresses the need for integrated mental health care for pregnant and postpartum women and girls.

Who benefits

who_benefitsRecognising the need for public maternal mental health services, we work towards mental health support for all mothers to promote their well-being, and that of their children and communities. 

We address mental disorders among pregnant women and girls from some of the most disadvantaged communities affected by poverty, HIV/AIDS, intimate partner violence and insecure refugee status.

Read our mother’s stories here

What we do

what_we_doThrough our four programmes we translate evidence-based experience and research to engage with local and international change agents and build capacity among health and social development workers to provide empathic support for pregnant women and new mothers.

 We work with civil society and international organisations, academic institutions and partner with the Department of Health and the Department of Social Development.

How to support

One in three women in South Africa suffers from common mental disorders (depression and/or anxiety) during and after pregnancy – you can break the circle of despair and make a difference today!

Make a donation and help to build a more positive future for women,
their children and the communities,
such as the ones in Hanover Park.  

Volunteer your time and skills to the Perinatal Mental Health Project. 

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