Capacity building

The PMHP builds a critical mass of service providers capable of detecting and providing basic mental health support for mothers

We provide training in the public health and social development sectors as well as through academic institutions. We aim to empower, affirm and sustain providers, shift negative attitudes, reduce stigma and client abuse. 

Our experiential approach enables us to prepare all cadres of care providers to integrate maternal mental health into their routine practice. We develop innovative, relevant and practical mental health training modules and multi-media resources for use in urban and rural contexts.

In 2018 we trained 653 people, including health care, social development providers and community-based workers.

Who do we train?

The PMHP works with a range of healthcare and social development providers, within tertiary institutions and non-governmental organisations.

We provide

  • under-graduate and post-graduate academic coursework for doctors, nurses and midwives
  • in-service training for all cadres of health care, social development providers engaging with vulnerable women
  • skills training in empathic care to all cadres of health care, social development providers

Role of health care, social development providers

The healthcare and social environment in South Africa are challenged by poverty, limited infrastructure, chronic diseases such as HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, and high rates of domestic violence. Pregnancy provides an opportunity to reach women with mental health services as over 95% of pregnant women are in contact with healthcare services during their pregnancy.

Our Training and Capacity Building programme focuses on this unique opportunity to close the treatment gap, by ensuring that health care and social development providers are equipped with essential knowledge and skills to engage with vulnerable women, identify those at risk and refer those needing advanced care.