Training partners

Increasingly, civil society organisations are recognising the link between good maternal mental health and improved outcomes for existing programmes addressing human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), tuberculosis (TB), orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) as well as other social and developmental programmes.

Further, maternal mental health interventions are now recognised as an important aspect of First 1000 Days initiatives which seek to address the determinants of child development and health outcomes in this critical period.

Ithemba Lobomi (IL)

IthembaLobomiIthemba Lobomi a non-profit organisation based in the community of Thembalethu, outside George in the Eden District of the Western Cape. The organisation works to addresses issues related to HIV/AIDS, TB and chronic diseases and mitigate their negative impacts. 

IL requested that the we consult towards the development of a mental health programme embedded within IL’s existing operations.

Prior to developing a strategy, we conducted an on-site situation analysis at IL and surrounds. A staff member (a social worker) from IL was identified to lead the service coordination process going forward. This staff member visited the PMHP for a week to gain first-hand knowledge of all aspects of our mental health services.

In addition, a diverse group of IL staff and local stakeholders were recruited to participate in a team-based, distance-learning programme for six weeks, using our “Maternal Mental Health” Bettercare book. Thereafter, we conducted a two-day training workshop on empathic engagement skills.

We then facilitated a strategic planning workshop with key IL staff to assist with the phased design of a maternal mental health service embedded within their home-based programmes. Four key objectives were identified for careful strategy development; the development of a comprehensive, relevant, evidence-based and feasible intervention; the training of providers to deliver the intervention; the raising of community awareness about mental health in order to decrease stigma and increase support for mothers and finally, the integration of mental health care in to all IL programme areas.

The work is on-going, with consultation and support being provided by the PMHP.

The Philani Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition Project

The Philani Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition Project has been addressing child health and nutrition problems in the informal settlements surrounding Cape Town since 1979.

The PMHP has partnered with Philani to develop and test a staff support programme. This was initially called Skills2Care, but later evolved into Nyamekela4Care (N4C). In February 2017 we successfully introduced the project coordinators and senior mentor mothers to our N4C Launch and Sustain package.