Courses & Modules

Our experiential training methods focuses on active learning, learning-by-doing and reflection.

Our training packages are responsive to evolving contexts as well as different environments and participants in either urban, rural, village or facility-based environments to meet the needs of a wide range and cadre of service providers involved with the care of vulnerable mothers. 

The focus of our training is to ensure service providers are

  • able to engage empathically with vulnerable mothers in order to recognise, support effectively or refer those with common mental health disorders (anxiety and depression)
  • encouraged to take care of their own mental health, as this is an essential component of empathic care

Our training packages include

Self-initiated learning Bettercare Maternal Mental Health 

  • Free online access – The course materials are available on the free online Learning Station. There you will find the course book, case studies and the revision quizzes.
  • Anytime or place – The courses are designed to be adaptable, user friendly and quick to implement. The starting dates and course duration is decided by the training facilitators, managers, or group leaders at your hospital.
  • Free examinations and certificates – The examinations and procedure documents can be requested from us (at no cost) by the training facilitator at your organisation. Digital certificates are awarded for all participants that achieve the required pass rate.
  • Government endorsement – These courses are endorsed by the directorate: People Development Centre Western Cape Government Health.
  • Free CPD points for doctors and allied healthcare workers – Our standard digital certificate is issued unless you request that you would like to have the CPD points allocated. There is no cost for either format of the certificate but more information may be needed to issue the CPD points.

Empathic Engagement Skills

The video below is aimed at trainers who train service providers in empathic engagement skills and respectful care in the health and social environment.

This training method draws heavily on Brazilian social activist’s Augusto Boal’s ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’, particularly his Forum Theatre, and the associated critical education principles of Paulo Freire and is freely available for adaptation and use. 
However, we request that the PMHP is acknowledged for the original design. Most importantly, we ask that you let us know whether, where, and how you have used the method, any adaptations you have developed and any feedback you may have about the film, or about your experiences using the method. In this, we can learn from others’ work. If you wish to receive the Facilitators’ Guide please contact us at 

This video was developed to support the training module we designed, “Respectful Maternity Care” which is part of the national Department of Health (DoH) training programme, Essential Steps for the Management of Obstetric Emergencies (ESMOE).

Obstetric Violence

The webinar below was recorded at a 2021 UCT Global Surgery Academic Meeting and is titled ‘Obstetric Violence and Possible Remedies, Including the ‘Secret History’ Method’

click here to watch



The presentation below gives a broad overview of the Nyamekela4Care intervention


Nyamekela4Care is an integrated intervention for addressing the training, empathic skills, clinical supervision and self-care needs of service providers in resource-constrained settings

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