Systems Strengthening

The PMHP strengthens systems for integration of maternal mental health services at scale.

System strengthening activities support existing health and social development systems through developing and sharing of maternal mental health resources and partnering with state agencies and non-profit organisations to integrate mental health into existing maternal services.

We provide clinical services to strengthen health systems at Hanover Park Midwife Obstetric Unit, demonstrating a model of integrating maternal mental health into primary antenatal care.

The PMHP model is based on a stepped care approach, which means that referrals are made to psychiatric services when necessary. We build partnerships with public services and civil society to promote outreach and sustainability of service delivery. 

Since inception up until the end 2018 the PMHP has



pregnant women



mothers in distress



individual sessions

The service at our site includes psychoeducation, screening, therapeutic counsellingpsychiatric carecase management and postnatal follow-up

Overall Programme Objectives

  • providing psychological support and address the mental health needs of pregnant and postnatal women in psychological distress or at risk of mental disorders
  • supporting and enhancing the capacity of maternity facilities and staff to integrate mental health services in a sustainable manner
  • demonstrating and refining pragmatic, evidence-based service models that may be adapted for use at scale by national health authorities or in other resource-poor settings
  • refining a stepped-care, collaborative model implemented through task sharing to ensure: scarce skills are optimally utilised; burnout is minimised; sustainability and reach are improved.