Systems strengthening

The PMHP strengthens systems for integration of maternal mental health services at scale.

We aim to strengthen systems in the health and social development sectors so that integrated maternal mental health services may be provided at scale. Our objectives are to demonstrate good practice through the provision of a comprehensive service model at Hanover Park Midwife Obstetric Unit (MOU) and to develop resources and guidelines to support systems strengthening. We engage with a wide range of service providers in other settings to promote our aim.

The PMHP model is based on a stepped care approach, which means that referrals are made to psychiatric services when necessary. We build partnerships with public services and civil society to promote outreach and sustainability of service delivery. 

Since the PMHP’s inception, September 2002 till the end of December 2021, the PMHP has provided the following service to pregnant and postnatal women:





Individual sessions



The service at our site includes psychoeducation, screening, therapeutic counsellingpsychiatric carecase management and postnatal follow-up

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