M4M Mindfulness resources

We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has left many people feeling anxious and uncertain of many things. In light of this, M4M reached out to Sarah Foale, a mindfulness practitioner and she put together this short mindfulness exercise.

In the midst of your busy day, if you find 3 minutes to spare, please click on this SoundCloud link and practice some techniques that can assist in easing some of your thoughts.



Mindfulness Exercise 1: Introduction to breathing

Mindfulness Exercise 2: Two minutes of breathing

Mindfulness Exercise 3: Be aware and breathe







Afrikaans Mindfulness Oefening 1 – Kort asemhalings

Afrikaans Mindfulness Oefening 2 – Asemhaling 2 minute

Afrikaans Mindfulness Oefening 3 – Wees bewus en haal asem








Ukwakha Ingqondo Ezolileyo 1: Introduction to Breathing 

Ukwakha Ingqondo Ezolileyo 2: Two Minutes Breathing Exercise